5 Things that Can Be Done to Improve Grand Theft Auto 5

L. A Noire is awesome. It is truly awesome, actually. It is something new for a game like GTA 5. In my opinion, it is the main reason that attracts me to want to play the game. It gives me something to think about while the next sequel of GTA 5 is in the process of launching. The first grand theft auto game that I have ever played is GTA 3 of the PS2 version. After that, I have played numerous other games that have better quality. I have won many games and it helps to improve my gaming skills up to the standard for playing 3rd person games

At present, Grand Theft Auto 5 is already in existence for over 3 years. Red Dead Redemption is another successful sequel of Rock Star. Now, with L.A. Noire being released, I am looking forward to the upcoming sequel of GTA. It could take Rockstar another year or so to start developing the games but there are many rumors that claim that they have already begun the development for the next sequel. E3 will go to be launched and I want to take this opportunity to discuss about the features that I would like to see in the next sequel of GTA.

1. Flawless Multiplayer Mode

Honestly, I cannot find any fault with the multiplayer mode in GTA 5 Online hack. Its multiplayer mode has enough challenges to keep me going on in it. The free roam mode is good because many players have wanted to see that. The free roam mode allows you to explore the surrounding environment. In this mode, you can either cooperate with other players or fight with other players. You and your team can ask many questions like “how many cars can enter into the restaurants” or “how much longer before the police will break through into our hideout in the bank” and another question that many players like to ask is “What can I do to topple over the competitor players’ plan so that everything that they do will be vain.” There are lots of potentials for the game. The game is addictive even though it is not flawless without any fault. The matchmaking mode and the interface is not as user friendly as it seems to be. It also provides a poor description about unlocking and gaining access to the appearance items.

Are they going to make changes to the multiplayer mode? For sure, the multiplayer mode will be set up in the same structure as Red Dead Redemption. I feel that they should not leave the multiplayer mode the same in the upcoming sequel. Instead, they should improve it by adding some more features. They should add a functionality that controls all the players at once. Calling every single player to the same place – it is an easy functionality that can quicken the procedure for planning the important moments. They should not remove the make the money for appearance system but fix the flaws? It is a waste of money to travel to a shop to purchase the in-game money just to improve the avatar. Many people believe that this improvement is necessary. Every new DLC that they release seems to have added new functionalities but I feel that they should make this improvement that I mention here. Don’t forget the stylish trailer of Red Dead Redemption. This is a possible example for the upcoming GTA sequel.

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