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2. Diversity in GTA 5

The single player mode of GTA can be improved by providing more missions to choose from. Many of the missions are boring; It either gives you the location name where you are to go to murder someone or it asks you to take a certain person to a particular location without getting hit by the hunters. Most of the missions involved killing someone. It is completely a different scenario for The Ballad of Gay Ton. The missions in the game can make the players more creative and demonstrates dramatic behaviors. The reason is that its storyline is easily remembered and straight to the point. Will this ever occur for GTA? I think no. GTA is one of the expensive video games priced around $59.99 and people expect good content that gives them reason to make their purchase worthwhile. They would probably listen to the feedback if you ask them to make slight improvement to the prototype missions. They may revamp the 5 missions to something more interesting.

3. GTA Import/Export DLC

GTA 3 is the only game that has the Import/Export garages feature. The Import/Export Garage will put players in missions of looking for certain cars on a list and deliver them to the right garage. After they have delivered all the cars, they will be able to drive any car on the list whenever they are at the garage. It is an easy task that gives you cool reward. Why aren’t they including this cool feature into the sequels after GTA 3? I am not sure about the reason. They should not just take away the feature from the latest GTA sequels. Instead, in my opinion, it will be better to include the feature in free roam. They should give players the chances the get access to any cool car that they want provided that they have completed all the requirements in the single player mode. This will make the free roam mode so much more enjoyable for the game players.

4. Relationships GTA Mode (Sort of)

GTA 5 has an odd online dating service while The Ballad of Gay Tony has side missions that bring up the idea of a relationship system. But, they did not actually a relationship system for both GTA 5 and The Ballad of Gay Tony. My point is not that GTA 5 should include a full featured relationship mode but that they should integrate something that has to do with the main mission to balance the mission variety.

There are many missions in GTA 5 hack tool where you invest your effort in something and they will give you a reward. This can be improved upon. For example, the game would require you to complete a certain number of missions to claim a reward. What I am suggesting here is they add side missions into the main missions so that the players will not just see the reward as the reason for taking up the mission. It is the same as the small missions in games like Oblivion and Fallout 3. These games would require you to do the same routine such as taking part in a group, carries out missions, get promoted, before you will be to unlock the resources. This makes the mission variety boring and they can make it more interesting by including side missions. Just like The Ballad of Gay Tony, there is no way to put an end to mission variety but they could improve the way the players make money. And this can be done with side missions.

Latest Updates for GTA 5 Heists Online

Latest Updates for GTA 5 Heists Online

One of the most important updates for Gta 5 Generator will launch next week. Many people are looking forward to this update and they consistently login into their account at the GTA 5 to check if the new update is already released. They couldn’t wait to grab a copy when it is released.

What Can You Anticipate in the Game?

Players are given the options to choose the daily objects and take up on various challenges. You can take up jobs to make money or you can earn money while on the street. Daily objectives are tasks that you must fulfill daily. If you successfully complete an objective, a reward will be bestowed to you. Through taking up challenges, you can earn over five hundred thousand in game cash.

What Types of Activities You Can Do

If you choose free roam, you will get to carry out a number of activities and these activities involve characters of the single player mode. Besides, you will get access to contact players that can get rid of the police to protect their colleagues who are carrying out the crime. Many other new activities are included in the game for example Lamar guiding players on how to eliminate the vehicles and another activity involve team leader getting help to bring down the airplanes in the sky.

Characters in Grand Theft Auto 5

What are the Main Characters in Grand Theft Auto 5

5. Lester Crest
Lester is an expert that works behind scene in many large robberies. He is skilled at setting up large heists and is not to be underestimated even though he is afflicted with a diarrhea disease that slowly causes him to loser his motor skills and stay in wheelchair for his entire life. He works on the computer most of the time.

Lester become acquainted with Michael Townley and Trevor Phillips one day and he eventually join their heist crews and become an important contributor to them.

4. Lamar Davis
Lamar and Franklin Clinton used to be pals at Davis High School during their adolescent years. The two have cooperated in many crimes. They always go to different places to steal cars for different car dealers. Lamar always says something that shows he is smart even though he does not talk wittily. He knows that there are a lot more benefit to be a small gangster than a big gangster.

Rockstar initially plans for Lamar to be Franklin but they eventually decide to change the plan eventually.

3. Franklin Clinton
Franklin is a car theft who works for a criminal that hopes to use him in increasing his car heist career. You can choose Franklin as character from the beginning of the game. If you choose Franklin, you will get to discover Los Santos or choose GTA 5 cheats online with franklin.

Franklin was a native of South Los Santos and he was born three in 1988. He lives with his grandparents after his mother passed away. Franklin makes the decision to make his own living on the street even though he has a good grandmother who is providing for him. The first job that Franklin takes up is selling cigarettes with his friend, Bradshaw. Franklin joins the car heist highly rewarding but high risk at the same time, car heist career after helping Michael’s son to jack his car.

2. Michael Townley
Michael Townley is one of the members of a large gang who often carry out robberies on different banks. One day, he was shot by the police during a gun fight that take places in one of the heists. This causes him to change his mind about his career.

Michael is one of the main protagonist characters in the game. His character is in between Franklin takes it easy attitude and Trevor’s maniac character. He could be calm and easy going like Franklin when he is in a good mood but he can also become mad like Trevor when he is in a bad mood. Michael is another character that you can choose at the beginning of the game.

1. Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips is a famous character known for his mad and uncontrolled behaviors. He founded Trevor Philips Industries and the two missions of his company are sell meth and getting everyone killed. As you follow the storyline, you’ll learn that he is a cruel man who has killed many people, kidnapping someone’s wife to be a hostage and he is always on own. Trevor is a complicating and exciting character and he should continue to remain as a protagonist in the upcoming GTA game sequels.

5 Things that Can Be Done to Improve Grand Theft Auto 5

5 Things that Can Be Done to Improve Grand Theft Auto 5

L. A Noire is awesome. It is truly awesome, actually. It is something new for a game like GTA 5. In my opinion, it is the main reason that attracts me to want to play the game. It gives me something to think about while the next sequel of GTA 5 is in the process of launching. The first grand theft auto game that I have ever played is GTA 3 of the PS2 version. After that, I have played numerous other games that have better quality. I have won many games and it helps to improve my gaming skills up to the standard for playing 3rd person games

At present, Grand Theft Auto 5 is already in existence for over 3 years. Red Dead Redemption is another successful sequel of Rock Star. Now, with L.A. Noire being released, I am looking forward to the upcoming sequel of GTA. It could take Rockstar another year or so to start developing the games but there are many rumors that claim that they have already begun the development for the next sequel. E3 will go to be launched and I want to take this opportunity to discuss about the features that I would like to see in the next sequel of GTA.

1. Flawless Multiplayer Mode

Honestly, I cannot find any fault with the multiplayer mode in GTA 5 Online hack. Its multiplayer mode has enough challenges to keep me going on in it. The free roam mode is good because many players have wanted to see that. The free roam mode allows you to explore the surrounding environment. In this mode, you can either cooperate with other players or fight with other players. You and your team can ask many questions like “how many cars can enter into the restaurants” or “how much longer before the police will break through into our hideout in the bank” and another question that many players like to ask is “What can I do to topple over the competitor players’ plan so that everything that they do will be vain.” There are lots of potentials for the game. The game is addictive even though it is not flawless without any fault. The matchmaking mode and the interface is not as user friendly as it seems to be. It also provides a poor description about unlocking and gaining access to the appearance items.

Are they going to make changes to the multiplayer mode? For sure, the multiplayer mode will be set up in the same structure as Red Dead Redemption. I feel that they should not leave the multiplayer mode the same in the upcoming sequel. Instead, they should improve it by adding some more features. They should add a functionality that controls all the players at once. Calling every single player to the same place – it is an easy functionality that can quicken the procedure for planning the important moments. They should not remove the make the money for appearance system but fix the flaws? It is a waste of money to travel to a shop to purchase the in-game money just to improve the avatar. Many people believe that this improvement is necessary. Every new DLC that they release seems to have added new functionalities but I feel that they should make this improvement that I mention here. Don’t forget the stylish trailer of Red Dead Redemption. This is a possible example for the upcoming GTA sequel.